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The Novice

An ambitious king.
A shattered trust.
A broken kingdom.

The Kingdom of Livania has been blessed by the god Riaas, and each year King Arlo dutifully journeys to receive the latest prophecy. When he learns Livania will form a strong alliance with its neighboring kingdom, King Arlo eagerly sends his son, Prince Edson, as a special envoy to strengthen his political ties—and feed his own ambitions.

But when the prophecy fails and disaster strikes, the king quickly lashes out in revenge, scattering the Servants of Riaas and irrevocably destroying their way of life. But they are only the beginning, and soon his revenge becomes far-reaching.

Among the Servants is Amity, a young novice, and Paxton, the heir to the priesthood. Both are forced to make a choice—return home or flee with the refugees—and both must choose between quiet hope and disillusioned despair.

Back in King Arlo’s castle, the young Princess Anwen feels helpless to save innocent lives, and Prince Edson’s loyal companion, Lord Geraint, is tempted to join the king in his vengeance.

What can any of them do against the coming tide of war?

Full of conflicted heroes, determined heroines, close escapes, and sweet romance, The Novice is a standalone fantasy adventure exploring the origins of the isolated kingdom of Livania from C. A. Morley’s Wayfinders series. 

The Series

Are you looking for an epic adventure with captivating characters? Then look no further!

Wayfinders, by author C.A. Morley, is a brand new epic romantic fantasy series set in a medieval fantasy world similar to ours but with magical, paranormal, and supernatural elements. It follows different main characters and multiple points of view with delightful romance and snarky banter.

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The Author

C.A. Morley

When C.A. Morley isn’t reading about relatable characters in magical places, she’s writing about them in her epic romantic fantasy series, Wayfinders. By no means an adrenaline junky, multiple interests and a fearless spirit have led her to experience new things with abandon, making her feel like she’s lived at least three lives. Having visited over forty countries, some of her more memorable adventures include wandering desert roads below the carved sandstone cliffs of Petra, along lava-stone lanes in ancient Pompeii, and on cobblestone streets in medieval Prague. An American wife and mother of four, she resides in the scenic wine region of South Africa.