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My debut novel is in eBook format and I’m working on getting the paperback version ready. Right now the eBook is on sale for only $0.99! This upcoming Friday it will go to full price when I release the paperback. The eBook and paperback will also be available for libraries by Friday. Be sure to request or purchase The Novice (Wayfinders Book 1)!

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Check out Beba’s 5-star review here!

A lovely feel good book by CA Morley. Well done Tina!

This is a terrific debut novel, it’s a great “feel good” book and it has all the elements I love in Fantasy. A bit Academy, a King who’s arrogant and all knowing, a Prophecy, Priests and Priestesses and a large cast. Each of the characters has a fundamental role in this book, each one has his/her own POV, which is easy to follow, as the characters are fleshed out beautifully to give one a true sense of what they’re all about.

So let’s start with Amity. She is finally a Novice in the priesthood of Riaas, a position she aspired to since she was 10. A bit timid, she’s easily bullied but when they’re all forced to flee, she slowly comes into her own and shows her strength, her resilience and her secret crush on Paxton comes to the fore

Paxton, next in line to be High Priest thanks to his grandparents, is an all round great character. He has a strong sense of honour and it comes through

King Arlo, vain, arrogant, suspicion and self important, he’s greedy and seeks an upper hand in all dealings. But he doesn’t heed the word of the Priests with tragic consequences and lashes out at them, although he knew full well that no healers were to leave the boundary of Livania, he still sent his son.

Geraint, a lesser noble and soldier, who’s in love with someone above his station, is tasked with protecting his friend the Prince, who’s a healer, on a journey to another kingdom. And of course, things go horribly wrong on their journey home. The only survivor of a massacre, he swears vengeance on King Marin.

Princess Anwen, a lovely person inside and out, has only the interest of her people at heart. The skittish little cat with no claws is learning how to extend them, how to use her wits to help those in need

Take all these characters, the plot and ensuing events and it’s the perfect recipe for a compelling, engaging tale full of adventure, fraught with betrayal, self discovery, alliances and ultimately love.

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